What's New

  • 8.5.18
    Event: Rollout of our Active Legends, and Seven: old vs new shootout
    Dates: 3/7/2018 - 2/9/2018
    We were setting up a demo for a studio client and thought that maybe some of our Seattle fans would like a chance to hear our latest speakers also. We will be demo'ing our Super SevenT-c/A, SevenT-c/A, Super Thirty-c/A and Thirty-c/A. These are active versions (tri or quad amplified) of their non-/A brethren. We will also be doing a 'shootout' of our Super Seven against original 7's from 1973, and WA7's from 1980, as well as against a 'guest' pair of speakers (Martin Logan Vistas).
  • 8.10.17
    We will be exhibiting at the 2017 Cedia tradeshow in San Diego September 7-9. If you are a dealer interested in custom speaker solutions, stop by and see us!
  • 6.10.16
    We will be partnering with Cello Technologies at the Vancouver Audio Show June 24-26, so we will be showing our speakers on a full 1000 Series stack of Boulder equipment… this will be fun!
  • 6.7.16
    We were invited to show and present at the Vancouver Audio Show June 24-26, so we will take that opportunity to premier the new tower versions of the SEVEN and SUPER SEVEN, might even run one fully active, just for fun!
  • 5.25.16
    Last tweaks going into tower versions of our SEVEN and SUPER SEVEN, some teaser cabinet pics over on our faceboook page.
  • 3.4.16
    Just finishing up the designs for our new THIRTY and SEVEN (a conventional drivered version of the SUPER SEVEN). We have a customer creating a full Atmos 9.2.4 theater with them, so we are working against a time line!
  • 11.21.2015
    Sadly the Speakerlab Retail store is closing, but never fear, that won’t affect SL Speakers (other than some warehouse rearranging).
  • 6.13.15
    Just delivered 4 sets of kits (Point1's and Point2C's) for a client to custom match to their new cabinetry. These continue the theme they started in their theater which has Point2D’s and Point2D-ow's for surrounds (supporting ATC SCM40 mains and Cello FU15 subs).
  • 2.11.2014
    The Seven is finally here! The first pair are being delivered to the new Mezcaleria Oaxaca restaurant on capitol hill to be custom painted/gold and copper leafed!
  • 4.11.2013
    We are working on the Point2D’s voicing; comparing its in-room response to various speakers (Point2D and M/L Vista in these images).