What's New

  • 9.26.18
    We've solidified our booth plan and will be premiering our Super SevenT-c's (the symmetrical tower version of our Super Sevens) powered by Bob Carver Crimson 350 monoblocks, and our Point2's powered by the new Bob Carver 275 Stereo amp. Source will be a Wolf Audio server run through a Mytek Brooklyn DAC, all wired with Kimber Kable Ascent and Base cables. Come see us next week at RMAF, room 2018!
  • 9.12.18
    We have chosen Bob Carver tube amplifiers to use at RMAF (October 5-7). We will be running our Super Sevens with a pair of their Crimson 350 monoblocks and our Point1s and Point2s with their 275 Stereo amp. Come see two historic Northwest brands in one room!
  • 8.9.18
    We are honored to be selected for the Al Stiefel Legacy Room at this year's RMAF (October 5-7). Come by and see us in room 2018!
  • 8.6.18
    We will have a demo room at the Rocky Mountain AudioFest (RMAF) October 5-7 this year! We haven't determined what all we will be showing, but we will add updates as we firm up the details. We hope to see you there!
  • 3.8.18
    Release party for our new Active Legends! We will be demo'ing our Super SevenT-c/A, SevenT-c/A, Super Thirty-c/A and Thirty-c/A. These are active versions (tri or quad amplified) of their passive brethren. We will also be doing a 'shootout' of our Super Seven against original 7's from 1973, and WA7's from 1980, as well as against a 'guest' pair of speakers (Martin Logan Vistas). Location: ye old Speaker Lab building. Please RSVP through our Facebook page: Rollout of our Active Legends, and Seven: old vs new shootout
  • 8.10.17
    We will be exhibiting at the 2017 Cedia tradeshow in San Diego September 7-9. If you are a dealer interested in custom speaker solutions, stop by and see us!
  • 6.7.17
    Super Sevens and Sevens on 7/7 at 7:00! An evening of listening to our Super Seven, Seven and Thirty from our Legend Series, as well as the Point1 and Point2 speakers from our Point Line. We will have a couple of vintage pairs of Speakerlab 7's there for comparison, and some great demo material for listening. This will be an informal get together for fans of our speakers, new and old. It is the 42nd anniversary of the iconic 7, so come and see/listen to the latest iteration of the legend! Location: ye old Speaker Lab building. Please RSVP through our Facebook page: Super Sevens and Sevens on 7/7 at 7:00!
  • 6.10.16
    We will be partnering with Cello Technologies at the Vancouver Audio Show June 24-26, so we will be showing our speakers on a full 1000 Series stack of Boulder equipment... this will be fun!
  • 6.7.16
    We were invited to show and present at the Vancouver Audio Show June 24-26, so we will take that opportunity to premier the new tower versions of the SEVEN and SUPER SEVEN, might even run one fully active, just for fun!
  • 5.25.16
    Last tweaks going into tower versions of our SEVEN and SUPER SEVEN, some teaser cabinet pics over on our faceboook page.
  • 3.4.16
    Just finishing up the designs for our new THIRTY and SEVEN (a conventional drivered version of the SUPER SEVEN). We have a customer creating a full Atmos 9.2.4 theater with them, so we are working against a time line!
  • 11.21.2015
    Sadly the Speakerlab Retail store is closing, but never fear, that won't affect SL Speakers (other than some warehouse rearranging).
  • 6.13.15
    Just delivered 4 sets of kits (Point1's and Point2C's) for a client to custom match to their new cabinetry. These continue the theme they started in their theater which has Point2D's and Point2D-ow's for surrounds (supporting ATC SCM40 mains and Cello FU15 subs).
  • 2.11.2014
    The Seven is finally here! The first pair are being delivered to the new Mezcaleria Oaxaca restaurant on capitol hill to be custom painted/gold and copper leafed!
  • 4.11.2013
    We are working on the Point2D's voicing; comparing its in-room response to various speakers (Point2D and M/L Vista in these images).